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If you are interested in reserving a foal, you can visit our "Reserve a Foal" page for more information and e-mail us at rafterbardmorganfarm@gmail.com.

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Our First foal has arrived for 2019! 

  And just like that we have a WINDHOVER REGENCY FILLY at 326 days! She decided to make her grand entrance earlier than anticipated and I am so excited and feel so blessed to bring history forward in this beautiful little girl.

Introducing to the Morgan world............
RBD Regency's Hallelujah 
(Windhover Regency x Mountainview Rhea)

Homozygous Black Morgan Filly

When I woke this morning to see this beautiful filly in the pen down from the 2 stalls I'd been watching on camera all night... I could hardly believe my eyes!! How silly of me to be watching the mares that are waxed, dropped and acting like they could foal. Just when you think you have things figured out, these mares will show you better. LOL
I checked Rhea last night like I do all the mares. She was not due until the end of the month, no wax, munching her hay quietly. Rhea is 18 years old and we purchased her from Ron of Mountainview Morgans in Canada, for breeding.
Dr. Jennifer Tiegen from Top Line Equine Vet Care, did an amazing job breeding her for us with frozen semen of the legendary Windhover Regency, who passed away in 1998. We were breeding an older mare with very old semen that was collected 25 years ago and frozen.  I want to give special thanks to the late Will Janzen who was kind enough to share Regency with us and Bruce and Kari Janzen for helping to make this miracle baby happen. Many hugs! I'm over the moon excited for this beautiful little girl! She is a keeper and the future of Rafter Bar D. 

She's already a little character with a friendly calm way about her yet a little twinkle in her eye. I LOVE her!  and feel blessed to bring such amazing old blood in history forward into the Morgan breed today. 

Holly May3 - Copy.jpg1
Halleluja4 - Copy.jpg1
Holly May5 - Copy.jpg1
Halleluja5 - Copy.jpg1
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May 17, 2019 our 2nd foal has arrived! 


Introducing to the Moriesian world............
RBD Mo Anam Cara 
Amberfields Blaze N Dun (Morgan) x Tyrza J. (Friesian)

Grulla Moriesian Colt

In his first day of life, Mac is so friendly and talks with a deep little voice. He is a beautiful representation of how perfect the Morgan x Friesian can be. The baroque style and big bone from the Friesian and the athleticism and just enough refinement from the Morgan make for an amazing horse. Both breeds have a quiet people oriented temperament that is easy to work with along with the hair gene for a fairytale horse indeed. You can read more about the Moriesian Horse here.

Mo Anam Cara means "My Soul Friend" in Celtic/Gaelic origin. Donna, from Colorado, who has been waiting 2 years for her dream foal, is smitten with this colt and I think her heart skipped a few beats yesterday when I shared his arrival with her. Really love this colt and look at the stripes on this big boy! 

Tyfoal2 - Copy.jpg1
Tyfoal4 - Copy.jpg1
Mo 1 - Copy.jpg1
Mo 6.jpg1
Mo 12 - Copy.jpg1
Mac1 - Copy.jpg1
Mac6 - Copy.jpg1
Mac7 - Copy.jpg1

Mac's color is grulla and he will shed out to be a color like his half sister on the far left in the photo below. Grulla foals are born a tan color and shed out much darker as you can see Mac is starting to shed and you can see the spots that look like molting. It's the darker color coming through as he sheds. To see more about coat colors you can visit our coat color page.

Mac5 - Copy.jpg1
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May 19, 2019 our 3rd foal has arrived! 


Introducing to the Moriesian world............
RBD Raphael Cavallo Forte
Amberfields Blaze N Dun (Morgan) x Marieke fan North Ster (Friesian)

Grulla Moriesian Colt

I have to believe this big beautiful colt was born with a higher purpose. At just 5 days old he sustained an injury that has been a long haul and to be honest I'm just sick about it. We believe his Mom may have stepped on him, however, we did not see it happen. X-rays showed his proximal interphalangeal joint was dislocated and he had a scrape on the front of his leg indicating he was likely stepped on from the front. We discussed our options with our vet, Dr. Abby, and she consulted with the University and we decided to set his joint in place and cast it here at the ranch. We did our best to keep it in place, changing the cast and then leg splint every week for 6 weeks. Keeping him as quiet as possible so the joint can heal.

New x-rays showed that surgery was needed in order for Raphael to have quality of life. His joint would not stay in place without surgery. We loaded Raphael and his Mom up and headed 5 hours south down to Turtle Valley Equine Hospital where Raphael underwent a surgery to fuse his joint into place. Dr. Chris Alford did an amazing job applying a metal plate and screws to hold Raphael's joint in place. A cast was applied and he would wear it for 2 weeks. We would need to do our best to keep Raphael as quiet as possible in a stall. At 2 weeks the cast is removed and 4 more weeks of wrapping and stall rest. I even made a special calming blend of essential oils mixed in an aloe lotion base that I applied to his head and nose. Lavender, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile. 

Dr. Alford gives a very positive prognosis for Raphael. He believes if his aftercare goes well, he will heal up and be able to walk normally and we will even be able to ride him in the future. He will never be a dressage horse or a jumper, but he will be happy and healthy and he could be a breeding stallion. He will stay with us.

I will share with you this has been a long journey in both care and finance. We are doing our very best to give this colt life. He was sold and going to go to a wonderful home with Theresa in Canada for a dressage/trail partner. She was devastated as well. There is something very special about Raphael and although I'm incredibly sad this happened, I have to believe this happened for a higher purpose. Raphael has been an inspiration to many and I am considering writing a children's book about his story to help children through a hard medical situation.

We still have a long road to recovery. He is such a good boy and I want to say so many thanks for all the people who have shown support, prayed and followed Raphael's story. He is an amazing fella and I just know in my heart he is destined for something special. Heartfelt hugs to you all. 

Marcolt16 - Copy.jpg1

The x-ray above shows the dislocation.

Marcolt13 - Copy.jpg1
Raphael 6 weeks8 - Copy.jpg1

Below are the facebook posts to follow Raphael's story. 

Raphael 6 weeks17 - Copy.jpg1

You can follow Raphael's updates at Sue's facebook page.  Just send a friend request to Sue. 


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June 9, 2019 our 4th foal arrived! 

Introducing to the Morgan world............
RBD True Indigo Cortez
(Amberfileds Blaze N Dun x RBD True Gabriella)

Grulla Morgan Colt


This colt is so beautiful and has such a darling head! We know this cross is golden from 2 other previous foals. They are born loving people, with great breed type with size and they are so relaxed and not afraid of anything. Gabriella is an amazing producer of foals. He is so full of character in both mind and body. He is sold and going to live with Jennifer and her family in Ohio this fall after weaning. The whole family came to visit and fell in love with him and they decided to name him RBD True Indigo Cortez. Cortez means - courteous or polite from Spanish/Portuguese, and Jennifer said he is so well mannered that she felt the name was fitting 💕 We have made this cross again for 2020. Love this colt! 

Gabs boy5 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs boy6 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs boy19 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs colt7 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs colt4 - Copy.jpg1

What a wonderful new family this little colt will have. They came to visit him and fell in love. They are working on a special name for him.

Gabs colt1 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs boy3 - Copy.jpg1
Gabs colt2 - Copy.jpg1
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June 10, 2019 our 5th foal has arrived! 


Introducing to the Moriesian world............
RBD Aurora Borealis
TDR Sjoerd (Friesian) x Bar Non Suede's Princess (Morgan)

Smokey Black Moreisian Filly

Wow! This filly is absolutely stunning!

Aurora Borealis "Northern Lights" means (Dawn of the North) and are a natural phenomenon of bright dancing lights that can be truly awe-inspiring. This name seems so fitting for such a beautiful filly with fancy movement and with both the black and cream gene along with uniquely colored eyes. This filly truly captivates the beauty of both the Morgan and the Friesian. 

I had planned on retaining Aurora, however, we have decided to offer her to help pay for Raphael's surgery and vet expenses. Aurora's sire is the World Champion Friesian Stallion, TDR Sjoerd, pictured at the bottom. This filly is tall, elegant and has a special aura about her that shines through. 

Aurora will be an amazing partner for someone for a variety of disciplines and/or a unique addition for anyone breeding Moriesians. With her color genetics having a cream gene and being heterozygous for black, depending on what she is bred to in the future, she can produce palomino, buckskin, perlino, cremello, bay, black, chestnut, smokey black & smokey creme and of course any variation of dun if bred to a stallion with the dun gene. Definitely an array of colors like the northern lights.  She is very rare as there are only just a couple smokey black Moriesians out there. She's being offered for $,8000.00

Princess filly12 - Copy.jpg1
Princess filly10 - Copy.jpg1
Aurora3 - Copy.jpg1
Aurora1 - Copy.jpg1
Aurora5 - Copy.jpg1

Aurora's sire, TDR Sjoerd, a world champion, and hall of fame, Friesian stallion, owned by Xena Virmercati of Three Day Ranch in CA.

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June 14, 2019 our 6th foal has arrived! 


Introducing to the Morgan world............
RBD Blaze N Boone
Amberfields Blaze N Dun x JMF Licorice Schnapps

Dun Morgan Colt

Boone is a gorgeous leggy colt with an exquisite little head. If Boone had been a filly, he would have been sold... instead, he's a tall beautiful reflection of his sire, Blaze, and he's being offered for sale. 

The name Boone means "Good; A Blessing" and that he is!

Boone is light on his feet and a breathtaking self-carriage. He has a few white hairs on his forehead. His pedigree reflects great Western Working lines combined with classic Brunk breeding. He is homozygous for black and heterozygous for dun and is stallion quality. He will also make an awesome riding/driving partner in a variety of disciplines. Boone is being offered for sale and will be ready to go to his new home in October. $4,000

Licorice colt12 - Copy.jpg1
Licorice colt1 - Copy.jpg1
Licorice boy2 - Copy.jpg1
Licorice boy13 - Copy.jpg1
Licorice boy1 - Copy.jpg1
Licorice boy9 - Copy.jpg1
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2018 Foals

Our 8th and last foal for the season arrived June 25, 2018

RBD Rosalita Dun Kisses

(Amberfields Blaze n Dun x RBD Wild Irish Rose)

Rosalita is such a big beautiful bay dun filly! She is sold and going to a wonderful home in Alberta Canada with Cynddea. Congratulations! This filly is everything we thought this cross would be. She is just lovely and in your pocket friendly as well as athletic. Really love this filly and her little pink lip is adorable. 

Rose filly 18 16
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The 7th foal arrived May 16, 2018 ~ A tall beautiful Bay Dun Colt!

RBD Dun Lovin' Beau

(Amberfields Blaze n Dun x Bar Non Buckskin Beauty)

This tall colt is so friendly! He's such a sweetheart and he's going to be a big boy like his sire and dam. His dam is a first time Mom and she's pretty proud of her boy. He's a mirror image of his sire and such a sweetheart. I love his proud stance and his self carriage at such a young age. Really love this colt! New pics coming soon! He is available for our buyers with deposits to choose once all the foals are born. 

Beauty colt9 - Copy
Beauty colt1.jpg1
Beauty colt3
Beauty colt4.jpg1
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The 6th foal arrived May 16, 2018 ~ A big beautiful Moriesian filly!

RBD Princess Jasmine

(RBD Immortal Legacy x Marieke fan North Ster)

Jasmine is everything we envisioned for the cross and more. She is so beautiful with all the right curves and her movement is breathtaking!   Congratulations and a long wait for Kim Kershlis! This filly is so sweet and a talker like her dam. I just love her  She is well worth the wait Kim. You're going to love this girl 

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The 5th foal arrived May 13, 2018 ~ An exquisite black filly!

RBD Miss America

(RBD Immortal Legacy x JMF Licorice Schnapps)

This fancy filly is just as perfect as she can be! Her head and eye is so beautiful and she's every bit as fancy a mover as her dam and sire. She's a friendly little gal and curious. She is homozygous for black and will be available after weaning. New photos coming soon 🙂

Licorice filly4
Licorice filly1
Licorice filly3
Licorice filly7.jpg1
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Our fourth foal arrived May 8, 2018 ~ A tall beautiful dunskin filly!

RBD Ellie Mae Dun

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Bar Non Suede's Princess)

This beautiful girl surprised us and was born out in the pasture! She was not due until later in the month. Princess is a first time Mom and did great! We sent a hair sample in to coat color test Ellie as there was a 50% chance she was homozygous for the dun gene.  The results is Ee Aa nCr Dd, so she is a buckskin with the dun gene or a "dunskin". She has a dorsal stripe and very faint leg barring which will show more evident after she sheds her baby hair. How exciting! Ellie is the first dunskin born at Rafter Bar D and will be proudly offered to our buyers with deposits to choose after all the foals are born.


Ellie9 - Copy
Ellie23 - Copy.jpg1
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Our third foal arrived May 5, 2018 ~ A tall beautiful bay dun filly!

RBD Isabella Dun True

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x RBD True Gabriella)

This tall beautiful filly is a special one! Her dam was orphaned and I raised Gabriella so seeing her becoming a mother is so rewarding. This cross is amazing! Her full brother from last year is spectacular! She's in so your pocket friendly and correct. Isabella was chosen by Cory from WI. Congratulations! She will be going to a very special home this fall after weaning.

Gabs girl16.jpg1
Gabs girl13.jpg1
Gabs girl4.jpg1
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Our second foal arrived May 3, 2018 ~ A big beautiful black colt

RBD El Zafiro Negro

(RBD Immortal Legacy x AEM True Victoria)

This beautiful colt is sold and will be traveling to southern WI to live with Freddy and his family. He is such a nice colt with great character and athletic ability. Freddy and his family named him a spanish name that mean "The Black Sapphire", which is a beautiful name for a homozygous black colt. Congratulations to Freddy and his family. Zafiro will join you this fall.

V big colt4.jpg1
V big colt2.jpg2
V big colt3.jpg1
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Our first foal arrived March 22, 2018 ~ A big beautiful black colt

RBD Legacy's Orion

(RBD Immortal Legacy x JMF Wild Side)

Orion  is for sale and will be available in August. He has an exceptionally beautiful head, has a lot of character and is very athletic, quick and I've seen effortless flying lead changes. He's friendly and we've had leading lessons and picking up feet. He's a good boy 🙂

Layla's boy5.jpg1
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The foals are sure growing fast! Below is a little slide show of a few photos Derrick took at graining time. We usually bring the mare and foals in for grain, however, it's time to start transitioning and having the foals come in without their Mom's. They come into the arena first and then into the barn without Mom's.  We will start weaning some of the foals this month. 

Foals 17 4.jpg1
Foals 17 6.jpg1
Foals 17 7.jpg1
Foals 17 3.jpg1
Foals 17 5.jpg1
Foals 17 2.jpg1
Foals 17 8.jpg1
Foals 17 9.jpg1
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Foal # 6 arrived June 8, 2017!

RBD Sue's Lonesome Dove

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Truwest Adobe Rose)

Homozygous Grulla Filly!!! Coat Color results EE aa DD! 

We are retaining this filly for our future

I am over the moon!!! Dove is a dream come true for Rafter Bar D and the future of producing quality colorful Morgans. I fell in love with our little Dove's grandmother, Amberfields Lonesome Dove (Blaze's dam), years ago and even asked Judy if I could buy her...but she was one Judy could never let go and I can't blame her. It is with Judy's blessing that we named her to honor her grandmother. I have always wanted a Lonesome Dove, and here she is friends. It was Derrick's idea to add my name in there, which I wasn't sure at first, but I like it.

Dove's future when she matures is to produce exceptional grulla foals with our black stallions. With her color genetics being EEaaDD, when bred to our blacks who are both homozygous EE, she will produce 100% grulla's with the coat color of the foals being EEaaDd every time. I have had several people ask me this year how long the wait was for a grulla... I said I was working on it and here she is. It is my hope she can produce foals like herself for others to enjoy and help the colorful Morgans to grow ♥

She is a big strong athletic filly with an exceptionally beautiful head and eye. Her Morgan type is excellent and she's full of personality and so much character. I love this filly and I'm excited for her future with us as a riding horse and a breeding mare to produce foals just like her for you.

Dove13 - Copy
Dove15 - Copy
Dove8 - Copy
Adobe filly2 - Copy

Foal # 5 has arrived May 14th, 2017!

RBD Zenith Sentinel Knight

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

Zebra Dun (Bay Dun) Moriesian Colt  EE Aa Dd

Z13 - Copy
Z22 - Copy

Zenith is the time at which something is the most powerful or successful. It is also the highest point reached in the heavens. A Sentinel is a soldier or guard who stands watch and a Knight is one who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armor. Introducing a very special colt destined to fullfill a dream "RBD Zenith Sentinel Knight" who is the first zebra dun Moriesian to be registered with the Moriesian Horse Registry.

There is a wonderful gal in New York who has a vision and reserved this foal nearly a year ago praying for a very special colt. Congratulations Jamie Lynn!!!

Jamie is really captivated by the Moriesian and her goal is to raise second generation Moriesians in unique colors. Zenith is destined to be her future herd sire! Jamie also has a Moriesian foal reserved from Rusan Nyborg, who raises beautiful Moriesians, and now we are praying for a beautiful filly for the beginning of an exceptional breeding pair. We are very excited to see Jamie's Moriesian breeding program progress and we are honored to be part of the foundation of her second generation breeding program.

You can also visit the Moriesian page on our site learn more and see a full sister to Zenith from last year. Enjoy Zenith's photo slide show below. 🙂

Z10 - Copy
Z13 - Copy
Z22 - Copy
Z3 - Copy
Z6 - Copy
Z11 - Copy
Z4 - Copy
Z7 - Copy
Z5 - Copy
Z13 - Copy
Z15 - Copy
Z16 - Copy
Z21 - Copy
Z24 - Copy
Z29 - Copy
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Foal # 4 has arrived May 7th, 2017!

RBD Gift Of Gabriel

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x RBD True Gabriella)

Grulla Colt

Gabe6 - Copy
Gabe21 - Copy

Gabriel means "God is my strength" and is one of the archangels. In honor of his mother, Gabriella, who was an orphan and because we are blessed that he is here with us... Gabe was a week early and stuck inside, and not quite in position for his Mom to have him. I had to go inside and move him around and McKayla and I pulled him and brought him into the world. We are blessed to have this colt with us.

Gabe is such a BIG tall beautiful colt with so much character and so curious and brave. From his dark undertones we are pretty sure he is a grulla, however, we will coat color test him. Gabe is going to a special home in CA in the fall to spend his life with Christina Marquez. She is over the moon excited to be blessed with such a beautiful colt. Congratulations!! Enjoy his photo slideshow below. 🙂

Gabe9 - Copy
Gabs boy12 - Copy
Gabe6 - Copy
Gabe19 - Copy
Gabe2 - Copy
Gabs boy9 - Copy
Gabe1 - Copy
Gabe21 - Copy
Gabe15 - Copy
Gabe14 - Copy
Gabe16 - Copy
Gabe18 - Copy
Gabe20 - Copy
Gabe23 - Copy
Gabs boy1 - Copy
Gabs boy17 - Copy
Gabs boy18 - Copy
Gabs boy14 - Copy
Gabs boy15 - Copy
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Foal # 3 has arrived May 6th, 2017!

RBD Northern Bjorn

(JMF True North x JMF Summer Sensation)

Black Colt

Bjorn022 - Copy
Bjorn08 - Copy

Bjorn is Scandinavian for "Bear" and this colt is black as a bear with a Teddy Bear personality. He is happy about life, loves attention and is playful. Bjorn has a beautiful head and eye and a classic Morgan shape. He is a natural athlete with a lot of character that is so classic of North's foals. Love this colt! Whoever chooses Bjorn will love him. View his slide show below for many more photos of Bjorn. Enjoy! 🙂

Bjorn028 - Copy.jpg2
Bjorn04 - Copy
Summer colt5 - Copy
Summer colt2 - Copy
Bjorn026 - Copy
Bjorn024 - Copy
Bjorn020 - Copy
Bjorn022 - Copy
Bjorn015 - Copy
Bjorn014 - Copy
Bjorn013 - Copy
Bjorn010 - Copy
Bjorn08 - Copy
Bjorn027 - Copy
Bjorn06 - Copy
Bjorn07 - Copy
Summer colt14 - Copy
Summer colt13 - Copy
Bjorn05 - Copy
Summer colt10 - Copy
Summer colt11 - Copy
Summer colt4 - Copy
Bjorn011 - Copy
Summer colt1 - Copy
Summer colt6 - Copy
Bjorn02 - Copy
Bjorn021 - Copy
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Foal # 2 has arrived May 1st, 2017!

RBD Irish Goddess Epona

(Irish Entertainment x JMF Licorice Schnapps)

Homozygous Black Filly

Epona9 - Copy
Epona01 - Copy

Epona was born just knowing she was special. The blackest foal I've ever seen with the most beautiful eyes. A daughter of the legendary Irish Entertainment and a keeper for the future of our breeding program. We just love this filly!

Her name, Epona, was revered in ancient times as the goddess who was the loving protector of horses and other animals. She was also a goddess of fertility, rebirth and abundance. The Romans saw her as the protector of their cavalry. The name Epona means "Divine Mare".

Epona is homozygous for black and she is full of character. She is destined to be a future riding partner and breeding mare to produce very special foals for Morgan lovers who want these wonderful old lines.

There is something about her that is just a little extra special. Rafter Bar D is blessed. Enjoy Epona's slideshow below. 🙂

Epona40 - Copy
Epona38 - Copy
Epona21 - Copy
Epona18 - Copy
Epona9 - Copy
Epona03 - Copy
Epona43 - Copy
Epona33 - Copy
Epona37 - Copy
Epona14 - Copy
Epona12 - Copy
Epona16 - Copy
Epona27 - Copy
Epona41 - Copy
Epona02 - Copy
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Foal #1 has arrived April 25, 2017!

RBD Legacy's True Victory

( RBD Immortal Legacy x AEM True Victoria)

Homozygous Black Colt

Victor36 - Copy
Victor2 - Copy

Victory is such a nice colt! He is the first foal by our young stallion, RBD Immortal Legacy, and we are thrilled with how beautiful and strong he is, and he is so brave right from birth with so much character. He's so happy about life and loves people and attention. He is a long awaited gift for Stacy and Becky in Mississippi. Congratulations! Enjoy Victory's photo slideshow below! 🙂

Victor18 - Copy
Victor27 - Copy
Victor37 - Copy
Victoria colt16.jpg1
Victor2 - Copy
Victoria colt5.jpg1
Victoria colt8.jpg1
Victoria colt13 - Copy.jpg2
Victoria colt6.jpg1
Victor11 - Copy
Victoria colt21.jpg1
Victor7 - Copy
Victor1 - Copy
Victor36 - Copy
Victor16 - Copy
Victor20 - Copy
Victor21 - Copy
Victor38 - Copy.jpg2
Victoria colt21.jpg1
Victoria colt3.jpg1
Victoria colt3.jpg1
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Below are a few photo albums that I posted on Facebook of the foals we had last year. Enjoy!

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