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Gabriella, means "God gives strength", in latin. Her name came to me a week after she was orphaned.  She was born in 2013, and we very sadly lost her mom. The time spent feeding her around the clock challenged our every fiber. RBD True Gabriella holds a special place in my heart.

Gabby is more than "in your pocket" and has blossomed into a big beautiful mare. It was a lot of work, time, money and effort to bring Gabriella along in this world. She is worth every bit and we look forward to her future foals. She is naturally althletic with a lot of reach and forward motion. Her Morgan type is exceptional and her substance is what we strive for in our mares. 

Gabriella is an exceptional producer and foaled a beautiful BIG grulla colt by Blaze in 2017 and a BIG bay dun filly in 2018! We loved this cross so much we bred her back for 2019. Keep your eyes open for this one, it will be grulla or bay dun like Blaze. 

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RBD True Gabriella

(JMF True North x JMF Eternity)

2013 Heterozygous Black (Ee)  Morgan Mare  ~ 15H

American Morgan Horse Registry  No. 0187275

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