Coat Colors

The dynamics of coat colors is so interesting! We love a rainbow of colors in our herd and we especially love duns and grullas, however, classic black is a favorite too. We specialize in Morgans and Moriesians in shades of grulla, dun and black. Please know that we have selectively chosen and bred for excellent minds and athletic ability and have included beautiful colors. Below are two collages of coat color transformation. As you can see the bay dun and grulla are similar when they are foals and change with age. 

The Coat Color Calculator at Animal Genetics is super cool to use when you would like to see color possibilities. 

Coat Color transformation Bay Dun
Coat Color transformation Grulla
Foal colors6 - Copy (2)
Fillies1 - Copy.jpg1
Raphael & Me 1 yr 4 months. - Copy2
Foal colors8 - Copy