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We welcome you to meet the Stars of Rafter Bar D.  . . Our Mares. We have carefully chosen and selectively bred our mares for good temperament, willing attitude, beauty, Morgan type and the athletic ability to be versatile.

"We are expecting 7 foals this spring. Four Black foals and 3 Colorful foals (Grulla or Dun). Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all our beautiful girls."

"Click  Photos to visit their page."

Border Stars2

(JMF Basic Black x JMF Wild Side)

2009 Black Morgan Mare  ~  15.2H

(Irish Entertainment x JMF Wild At Heart)

2003 Black Morgan Mare  ~ 15.1+H

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(JMF True North x JMF Eternity)

2013 Black Morgan Mare  ~ 15H

(JMF Irish Coffee x M&M Blackberry Wine)

2006 Homozygous Black Morgan Mare  ~ 15+H

Border Stars2

(JMF Basic Black x JMF Wild Side)

2015 Homozygous Black Morgan Filly

Victoria name1

(JMF True North x Derawnda's Santana)

2009 Homzygous Black Morgan Mare  ~ 15H

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Camilla name1

(JMF True North x RBD Wild Irish Rose)

2015 Black Morgan Filly

Cam mare page

(JMF Basic Black x JMF Shadow Mystery)

2010 Black Morgan Mare  ~ 15.2H

Border Stars2

(Azkachina Bandit x Bar Non Crosswinds)

2014 Buckskin Morgan Filly  ~  15.2+H

(Truwest Silver Suede x Bar Non Do Something)

2014 Dunalino Morgan Filly  ~ 15+H

Border Stars2
Dove name1

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Truwest Adobe Rose)

2017 Homozygous Grulla Filly  

Dove13 - Copy

(Robbi-Sue's Success Story x Pure D Powder)

2003 Bay Dun Morgan Mare  ~ 15H

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Friesian mares
Border Stars2

(Wybren 464 Sport x Wellenda (Ster) by Melle 311)

2012 Black Friesian Mare  ~  15.2H 

(Wander 352 x Lies fan Bommelsteyn (Model) by Lute 304 Sport)

2008 Black Friesian Mare  ~  15.2H

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Fillies in wings02
Border Stars2

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

2016 Grulla Moriesian Filly

"Callista is the first Grulla Moriesian in the world registered with the Moriesian Registry!"

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Our fillies "in the wings" are the RBD future mares that we are retaining for our breeding program. Our long term goal is for all the mares at Rafter Bar D to be sporting the RBD prefix. So, with that in mind, we do offer some of our mares for sale from time to time, so keep checking back with us. 

(JMF Basic Black x AEM True Victoria)

2016 Homozygous Black  Morgan Filly

Epona name1

(Windhover Regency x JMF Licorice Schnapps)

2017 Homozygous Black  Morgan Filly

Ep3 - Copy
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