Our Mares

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Meet the lovely mares of Rafter Bar D. We have selectively bred and carefully chosen our mares for good temperament, willing attitude, beauty, excellent breed type and the athletic ability to be versatile. 

We are expecting 8 foals to arrive in 2024!! 

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Gabs mare page1

RBD True Gabriella

(JMF True North x JMF Eternity)

2013 Black Morgan Mare ~ Heterozygous for Black ~ Ee

Gabs mare page2
Gabs Mount Rushmore 2023 2

The above photo is our camping trip out to South Dakota with RBD True Gabriella & RBD Blue Traveler. Below Baby Gabriella & 3 yrs old.  She was born into my arms in 2013 and we sadly lost her Mom. She was an orphan and has become one of our top producing mares. We are retaining her 2024 black filly by Dream to follow in her footsteps in the future. She is bred back to Dream for a 2025 foal and it will be available.

Gabby1 - Copy.JPG1
GG7 - Copy

Gabriella's Foals are beautiful and grow to be big with great conformation and so easy to train. She has been an outstanding producer of foals for our program. There is a Gabby Foal Fan Club if you will. My riding gelding is a Gabby x Blaze foal, RBD Gift Of Gabriel, pictured below.

Gabs kids
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Dove Mares page1

RBD Sues Lonesome Dove

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Truwest Adobe Rose)

2017 Grulla Morgan Mare ~ Homozygous Grulla~ EE aa DD

Dove mares page 2
Dove mares page3

Dove is another of our lovely home raised mares who is super quiet and easy. She had her first foal in 2023 by Dream, RBD Honor Stars N Stripes, and he was outstanding! We can't wait to see her 2024 foal by Dream!

Dove mares page4
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Princess Mares page2024

Bar Non Suedes Princess

(Truwest Silver Suede x Bar Non Do Something)

2014 Palomino Dun/Dunalino Morgan Mare 

coat color  ee aa Ncr Dd

Princess mares page2024 2

Princess is started under saddle. She's such a sweetheart of a mare.

Princess ride collage

Princess's Foals are big, beautiful and easy to train. Princess stands out in the crowd and is an amazing producer of foals for our program. Her foals are sought after and loved by their families. She is being bred to Blaze for 2025.

Princess foals
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Mare Callista main 1

RBD Callista Dea Dun

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

2016 Grulla Moriesian Mare ~ coat color EE aa Dd

Cals mares page 2
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Chenille Mares page1

RBD Black Chenille

(JMF Basic Black x AEM Tru Victoria)

2016 Black Morgan Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Chenille mare page 2
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Duchess mares page 1

Lady Dun D Duchess

(Ragtime Dun D x Liberty Bend Lady JL)

2007 Grulla Morgan Mare

Duchess mares page 2
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Tia mares page1

Take The Gold N Dun

(Lineback Double Take x RDS Golden Trophy)

2020 Palomino Dun Morgan Mare 

Tia mares page 2
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Bar Non Buckskin Beauty

(Azkachina Bandit x Bar Non Crosswind)

2014 Buckskin Morgan Mare ~ coat color  Ee Aa Ncr 

Beauty mare page 2
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Summer mare page1

JMF Summer Sensations

(JMF Basic Black x JMF Shadow Mytery)

2010 Black Morgan Mare ~ Heterozygous for Black ~ Ee

Summer mare page2
Lailah mares page1

FBF Bellisima Lailah

(Olivier R. S.  x Lady Dun D Duchess)

2021 Grulla Moriesian Filly

Lailah mares page 2
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Mares Marieke main 1

Marieke fan North Ster

(Wybren 464 Sport x Wallenda by Melle 311)

2012 Friesian Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Mares Marieke main 2
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Mare page Wylie 1


(Sape 381 Sport x Eclipse by Goffert)

2015 Friesian Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Mare page Wylie 2
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