Our Mares

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 Meet the lovely mares of Rafter Bar D. We have selectively bred and carefully chosen our mares for good temperament, willing attitude, beauty, excellent breed type and the athletic ability to be versatile. 

We are expecting 6 foals in the spring.  3 Moriesian foals and 3 Morgan foals. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all our beautiful girls. Enjoy visiting our lovely mares.

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RBD Callista Dea Dun

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

2016 Grulla Moriesian Filly ~ coat color EE aa Dd

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RBD True Gabriella

(JMF True North x JMF Eternity)

2013 Black Morgan Mare ~ Heterozygous for Black ~ Ee

Mare Gabriella
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RBD True Camilla

(JMF True North x RBD Wild Irish Rose)

2016 Black Morgan Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Mare Camilla
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RBD Lady Frayja

(JMF Basic Black x JMF Wild Side)

2015 Black Morgan Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Mare Frayja1
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RBD Sues Lonesome Dove

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Truwest Adobe Rose)

2017 Grulla Morgan Filly ~ Homozygous for Black & Dun ~ EE aa DD

Dove main mares
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Bar Non Suedes Princess

(Truwest Silver Suede x Bar Non Do Something)

2014 Palomino Dun/Dunalino Morgan Mare 

coat color  ee aa Ncr Dd

In Foal to Blaze

Princess main mares
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Bar Non Buckskin Beauty

(Azkachina Bandit x Bar Non Crosswind)

2014 Buckskin Morgan Mare ~ coat color  Ee Aa Ncr 

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Marieke fan North Ster

(Wybren 464 Sport x Wallenda by Melle 311)

2012 Friesian Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE

Marieke main mare page
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Tyrza J.

(Anne 340 Sport x Cirse by YK 339)

2006 Friesian Mare ~ Homozygous for Black ~ EE