Foals Coming

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We have some shining stars comingĀ  in 2021!
3 Morgan foals and 2 Moriesian foals.

We do have foal reservations for 2021 and a few for 2022. If you are interested in reserving a foal, please contact Sue at Sometimes things change for someone with a reservation and foals become available and or people move up in line. We also have a black stallion coming to Rafter Bar D soon with treasured old bloodlines that we are planning to breed a few mares to, so check in with us.

Foals due 2021
Foals coming 2021 Marieke
Foals coming 2021 Gabriella
Foals coming 2021 Wylie
Foals coming 2021 Cam
Foals coming 2021 Princess